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Grateful Dead Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center on 1993-06-11

Topics Live concert

Jack Straw, Foolish Heart, The Same Thing, Lazy River Road, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, When I Paint My Masterpiece, So Many Roads, Promised Land Eyes Of The World-> Playin' In The Band-> Uncle John's Band-> Corinna-> Drums-> Jam-> The Wheel-> All Along The Watchtower-> Black Peter-> Sugar Magnolia, E: Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Buckeye Lake Music Center
Location Hebron, OH

Source Soundboard->DAT Master->Sonic Solutions->CD->EAC->SHN. CD seed provided by DG. EAC and SHN by Joe Samaritano.


Soundboard->DAT Master->Sonic Solutions->CD->EAC->SHN. CD seed provided by DG. EAC and SHN by Joe Samaritano.


Reviewer: Tio Pancho - - August 5, 2015
Subject: Ease My Soul
This performance of So Many Roads may be the BEST ever! I'm very, very lucky to have seen as many shows I did & I'm thankful for these fine recordings.
My first show was in 1990...Grateful to have seen, heard Brent, but I felt I wasn't able to enjoy a lot of shows because of the "fans." The drunks, the frat turds, the fans who sang along at the top of their lungs! The Deadheads weren't the obnoxious, beer drinking, Party Heads!!! I came along in the stadium era where the weight of The Dead's popularity crushed them, but I'm happy to say the music is what kept me going to the shows, not the party scene.
Reviewer: johnbrosnan - - March 3, 2014
Subject: Living Legend
Must have been amazing to play with the dead by the '90s. These "new" members knew they were living a legend.
Reviewer: Folkhippy - - May 15, 2013
Subject: Best Foolish Heart . . . hehe
I must admit, I've always been one to click the 'skip' button whenever the first few notes of "Foolish Heart" are plucked, but this show contains one hell of a jammed-out version that really shouldn't be missed.

Overall, stellar performance for '93. Love Jerry's guitar tone during the summer tour.
Reviewer: Half-StepN->H - - June 12, 2012
Subject: 3:13 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Listed To Philbert getting explicit "if your thinking bout getting silly ya better get on the f**# back where ya came"' Love it. Not the best version of Masterpiece which is one of my favorite covers they do. I even like bobby covering more than Jerry, when jerry did it with JGB. Awesome Show. Wish i Was there. FIRST SET MAYBE ONE OF MY FAVORITES by selection
Reviewer: KittyHawk - - June 21, 2010
Subject: Best day ever!
With the exception of the birth of my child this was the best day. So excited to see the show, thought I could score a ticket on the lot. Apparently everyone had the same idea so ticket prices sky rocketed. No way I could afford a ticket at $100 so resigned to sitting this one out. took a trip to the port-o-potty and found a ticket envelope on the ground. One ticket inside I just kept on going, over the highway, through the gates, up to the front row. I went in alone and came out with new friends. Jerry made me laugh and cry. It was the most amazing night...magic. I have had a hard time finding this show. Wish I could download but I am satisfied hearing it like this. Thank you SO much for posting, Love it.
Reviewer: Leomiles - - April 22, 2010
Subject: My first show at age 13
This was my first of only two shows, the other being 1994 Buckeye. Sting opened and women were throwing their bra's onstage. The weather was perfect. I was 13 years old!!
Reviewer: cindy91365 - - March 28, 2010
Subject: I was there
The multitudes of people blew my mind. 250,000 sold out. Unbelievable. I feel so lucky that I got to be there with Jerry. Marshall Tucker was a great starting band. So damn hot that day, though.
One of the greatest memories I will ever have. Thank you for posting this. Cindy
Reviewer: Finster Baby - - March 27, 2009
Subject: Clevelandgal
this show is available at etree.
Reviewer: Tjrifanburg - - March 21, 2009
Subject: Buckeye Madness
It's quite interesting what you do and don't remember. Thank goodness for these archives. I don't have much recollection of the show itself. I remember it rained a lot during that stretch of time from Giants>>the Palace>>>>Buckeye. A couple of times old Cannie (the name of my friends bus) quit running. Luckily we were able to push her down a hill and pop the clutch and got her running again. Oh, forgot we got pulled over in Ohio on the interstate somewhere and troopers brought out the dogs and turned the bus upside down. Wonder what they were looking for since they let us go and slapped the driver on the wrist? I think he paid the ticket on our way up to Buffalo.

Post show there was a sea of people that flooded the scene and I scored a couple of tasty veggie burritos. Some dude was going ape nuts and thanking everyone who just helped him purchase a newer conversion van.

I never really thought about Vince in a good or bad way, just his sound is different from Pigpen, Keith and Brent.

I wonder what Jerry would have sounded like had the technology of the 90's dead been around during his peak years?

After listening to this stream, this is not bad for later day GD. Not sure what we could have expected from 50 something rockin' hippies, just some good ol' music, good vibes, good times and memories.

3 stars for the good memories it brought back.
Reviewer: ClevelandGal - - September 11, 2008
Subject: Loved
This is a very special show to me. I met my husband here and we are married 10 years now and have 2 children. I would love a copy of this show so, if any of you greatfully hearted people out there can help I would be so greatfull myself.
Thanks so much,
Reviewer: Flyerguy - - June 11, 2008
Subject: Great show
Although I never really was a Vince fan, this show was a good one......I remember that Jack Straw Foolish Heart like it was yesterday.....pumping out the energy right away.....and smoking second set as well.....for 1993 Awesome show...
Reviewer: gratefuloh - - October 18, 2007
Subject: friends first show
not bad nice mellow show in the trafic on the way jammin to jack straw and burnnin some smoke when a bus pulls up beside us jammin jack straw damn neer cued perfectly so i do the nice neiborly thing and pass them a taste were sittin on i 70 passin back and forth gootta love it so i said wouldnt it be cool if they opened with jack straw so i go nuts right from the get go had 5 friend this was there first show they didnt even like the dead but i kept at them se them live before you judge well they are hard core to this day
during space were kicked back enjoyin the sounds and as they start bringin us back around and we all get up i notice my buddy not getting up yet i think what the hell well he was gettin laid right there in front everybody gotta love it
Reviewer: BryanE - - April 26, 2007
Subject: Tight Night
This is a highly professional, creative, and intuitive group of musicians, with their technical facility being matched only by their extraordinarily personable style of execution.

Purty good, purty good. Purty neat, purty neat.

Who else besides me was there? Sting was on stage during Foolish Heart, was he not? Conversely speaking, nobody was on stage during Space.

And did anybody see where Susan was during the entire first set? I kept waiting for her by the speaker tower, but to no avail. I did finally hook back up with her during intermission, though. Talk about a needle in a haystack-Buckeye Lake is HUGE! Only girlfriend I ever had who was actually a Dead Head.
Reviewer: lobster12 - - September 1, 2006
Subject: average show
Not bad for the time. You could do worse. I, along with many others, agree about Vince and his throwaway solos. What's wrong with commenting on that? it's true. If you like Vince, great- more power to ya. But to tell someone not to comment on their feelings because you don't agree is wrong. Read the review again. it's insightful and comments on the show. No personal attacks just info on the gig on why it works and why it doesn't. Who are you to censor someone because he doesn't agree with your feelings on Vince. get a grip people. The fact that you mention Vince had better solos than Brent did make me laugh hard though.
Reviewer: TrueBlue123 - - September 1, 2006
Subject: Throw away vince showcase?
Man I don't know how you consider Vinces solo a throw away. Its better than most of what Keith ever did or Brent. Like the review said before get the damn wax out of your ears and truly listen. Also nobody wants to read your verbose crap review. If you want to showcase your writing talent publish a book!
Reviewer: patkelley - - July 25, 2006
Subject: great foolish heart
although i'm not certain which Weir riff one of the previous reviewers is referring to. The whole show is pretty solid, one of my fave from when i was little and used to listen to the Dead on "tapes." Remember??
Reviewer: 3chrds - - June 7, 2006
Subject: foolish heart - for vince, by vince
the keys around 8:30ish, beautiful trills washing over by dearly departed vince. this is the shimmering stuff i forgot i loved about the later Dead. the crystalline sound, that was probably vince painting over things. why once someone's gone, do you appreciate them more. a stupid trait of the human condition. in any case, listen to this song here for proof Vince did some beautiful. of course, unclog your ears of prejudice first, if you can do it.
Reviewer: Grateful Nate - - May 1, 2006
Subject: what???
Call me simple but I don't understand people reading into these Dead shows so much. The band wasn't thinking that much when they were performing for us. Why should we disect every note played and mood portrayed? This is a fantastic show! 5 stars all the way. Perfect sound for not being an official release. It is currently one of my favorite shows from the 90's. Listen to it. Download it if you can. Just don't analyze it so much that you forget what it's all about. Have a good time and turn it up!
Reviewer: anddave - - February 20, 2006
Subject: Promised, broken string, Vince
It's been said that "Promised was a throwaway Vince showcase". To be fair, Jerry busted a string and had to skip the instrumental section, which Vince ably took over. There was a big cheer when Jerry came back, but most of the jam was over and that's why it sounds like a Vince showcase.
Reviewer: Hilder,rebuilder - - January 28, 2006
Subject: The "SMR" prpject
SEE 1992,2,21 'getting them all! ------Its been 15 shows since was played, refreshed and relaxed, i just can'twait to take this vertion out for a drive on a country road
Reviewer: gankmore - - October 5, 2005
Subject: An average show, a decent recording, and a mixed mix and still a pretty good time.
The opener duo Jack Straw > Foolish is just stunning, however it's got some serious mix jitters that causes a severe cringe or two (big ups to David Link who often used that term in this era of mid 90's shows).

The mix is a pretty good analogy for 1993, it starts out shaky, improves over time, but despite some very interesting tones and interplay, never gets quite as far as you'd like it to. Despite the strong start the rest of the first set (mostly) fails to deliver. There is however full redemption in the second set, where Jerry shines.

This show isn't without it's flaws, but Phil is very clean and upfront (I wonder if this is possibly a tape from the stage board close to what Phil was listening to on his Meyer 833's or his ear monitors (I think this show is around the cusp of that move) as others have noted Jerry isn't very forward in this mix, but some of that is a result of his tone which is somewhat lower than his normal register in the first set (even for this era). Tom Thumbs is very solid.

The double dose of dylan is lovely though weir's voice is pretty shot, that brings out Garcia as backup singer, something I think he didn't do enough with Masterpiece. It would be interesting to note how Masterpiece came to be a weir tune in GD land.

Determined, (stubborn even!) Garcia returns to his new tunes with a somewhat ill-advised trip down So Many Roads. Phil and the drummers move to something resembling autopiliot, but Jerry's tone is now a true force of it's own, it has wings and it soars once before tucking back inside the mix until the second set as the lyrics fade from memory. This flub, as many Garcia flubs do in the later era kicks Jerry's ass into gear. The ice blue roses verse delivers a noteable improvement on everyone's part, but again, this doesn't get all the way there. Promised Land is a throw away Vince showcase.

Set II provides a nice soft reset for the band. The mix comes back a little improved and both Garcia and Lesh seem to be committed to providing the fine folks of Ohio some serious bang for the buck. Despite not ever getting fully coupled, Garcia and Lesh seem to drive in differnt directions and yet somehow, by magic, luck, or pure determination, the musical the train stays on (mostly) on the tracks.

Some good points have already been made here about Garcia being better rested in 93, say what you want about Jerry, but I think the Garcia shows that bracket this tour (April Warfield and Northwest in August) speak volumes about his strengths (and to a much lesser extent his known limitations)in this period. Those strengths, I think, were somewhat stressed by playing with the boys in this particular lineup at this period of time. This is WORK, but hey this ain't California, and these guys aren't playing motown hits from his childhood, and he doesn't get to sing too much on the Dylan tunes. What next? Cold chilli-dogs?

Despite this (imagined?) tension (and to some extent because of it, particularly in the tunes around drums) there's some noteable angst in the Playin here (pun intended). Jerry pulls into long slow spaces and begins to relax, with Lesh close on his heals nearly snapping the bass line with leads and challenges to Garcia's direction. Phil is relentless, he only really lets up at the start of Corina and then only breifly rests returning quickly as task-master). This actually makes for some very heady sets of dimensional caverns that start unfolding with some amazing intersections. When Garcia is finally allowed to wander it's just delightful, with the jam at the end of Cornia as a launching pad for some very beautiful Garcia technicolor. Not to be outdone, Lesh has given up any pretext of playing anything other than lead, and that's working well too, when Jerry pops into midi land we're fully in the Phil Zone.

What I like most about this mix is that Vince is very out of the way unless he's soloing, which thankfully doesn't happen all that often. I'm guessing that this is not a true FOH DSDB, but it matters little. If this is a phil mointor board and tapes of the later years exist (even with a cassette gen) with less vince, let's try to get them all into circulation.

Who is going to argue with Eyes > Playin' > Uncle John's? The last three minutes of Space has some subtle and sublime Garcia midi runs, presumably a very low sax sound, and then running up through progressively higher guitar tones) that sparkles in a couple spots before pulling lazily into the wheel. Lesh isn't quite so demanding post drums but is providing a lot of the sign posts on the road. Jerry is drifting now to less remarkable results. Jerry gets a dylan tune of his own, which provides a balance between laid back and determined. Black Peter which is the first tune that really seems to fit the mood of this show. "Take a look at poor Peter, he's lying there in pain, now let's go run and see". Indeed.

1993 is an underrated year, this doesn't rank anywhere near the top of shows played this year, it's warts and all, which isn't half bad.
Reviewer: kcl420 - - June 7, 2005
Subject: Best opener of all time...?
The Jack Straw>Foolish Heart is IMHO, the best opener ever done by the band. I dont give two shits about sound quality, etc., this opener was pure summer magic.
Reviewer: budfox - - March 21, 2005
Subject: Love This Show
I am of a very small minority that likes 93. After Brent Died they played some great shows. But alot of that was momentum and Hornsbys influence.In 93' they started to come into there own identity with the Bands new lineup. There were still some kinks to work out as far as sound and Bobbys voice was shot. After taking fall 92' off Garcia looked and played better than he had in years. Although most entire shows lacked coherence, from individual song perspective they put down some excelent versions that are among my favorite of any year. This show is one of the Few Exceptions. It is smoking right out the gates. Garcia's soloing during Jack Straw cooks. Foolish Heart is like a swiss watch they are so tight and the riff by Weir at the end is lovely. So Many Roads is also a standout.
Eyes>Playin'>UJB> was a nice treat.Also one Hell of a Corrina into drums. post drums are the highlight of the show. A very stong wheel out of space into one of the best Wathtowers ever. Jerrys opening licks let you know that it is going to be killer. His solos are out of this world. The version is much more Dylan then Hendrix although Jerry does pay some tribute at the end of the second verse. Black Peter is good but it really takes of on the final jam that leads into an Epic Sugar Mags. Phil is fucking on. Jerry Phil and Mickey Start SSDD on such a sick groove. Garcia doesnt really solo hard but his licks and tone are just so nice. Like a fine aged wine. Brokedown was the perfect choice to capp of the night. Vince playing and voice are excellent. The board is clean but Garcia should be more Prominent you really have to listen on a Good system to get the full effect. As Far as the Band Being better in 94 or 95 I would disagree Garcia Just seemed to fall of a Cliff in 94 the Rest of the Band played well to compensate but there was no Creativity they just played individualy not collectively. It was acutally too painful to watch alot of nights.
Reviewer: FuckBush - - March 15, 2005
Subject: Shroomed to hard
I had some shrooms which I belive were dosed as well. Way to powerful on their own....Anyway I remember straw, then tripping hard, coming to during Space and the lights devouring the crowd and then I remember the wheel and slow it was. In between it all I was dealing with a woman who kept telling me she was a witch, some mentally challenged fellow who s dancing was scaring me and then at the end being hearded thru the cow chute only to be transported to some strange town block that I had no idea existed. I mean I was just at some buckeye lake farm land concert, houndreds of acres of farm land, and now im at some strange gas station. wow, that was very freaky. Good thing I had someone to esort me or who knows where I might have ended up
Reviewer: Trannyman - - February 7, 2005
Subject: Sorta a slopfest
This tape, although low-gen, is plagued by thin sound and muffled sections (probably Healy's fault by this point). Garcia's guitar dropping in and out. Drums sound thin and stuck in left and right channels.
The playing is also less than tight. Unlike many other heads here, I think 93 was a low-point, with the band coming back together in 94 and playing very well indeed in 95. Compare Garcia at this show to 95 RFK (just weeks before the end). RFK is by far superior sounding and Garcia much more into his playing. Just my opinion. Want the real good digital boards> Head to Summer 94 > all of 95.
Reviewer: oceantree - - January 16, 2005
Subject: my first show!!!!
An ultrakind sister miracled me into this show... I had been an avid fan since 1990, and finally! We had given up on our ride, then at the last minute, having made a big hitchhiking sign w/ BUCK and a big eye drawing, we found her! in Cincinatti she bought me my ticket the night before, and when she gave it to me, I screamed "I've got a ticket!!!" and when they heard me dozens of other heads rushed out into the rain saying the same thing!!! Fabulous show, i remember after the 1st set a sister crying and saying that after that show she needed no more! Glorious stuff, thank the stars I was there!... for the recording itself, the sound quality is delightful, crisp and up-front, and the performance thereby transparently delivered is nearly without error... truly one of the Dead's last great Summer shows... what an irreplaceable blessing to have been there; and what a blessing to have such easy access to it now!
Reviewer: capn doubledose - - December 16, 2004
Subject: Great corrinna and black peter
Good show for the period which was lackluster in general but pretty plain vanilla in song selection - I have no doubt it was a fun show just going by what I hear.

when I paint my masterpiece is not listed but on this,
Reviewer: redmokeguish - - December 13, 2004
Subject: sweet venue
This was the best show of '93. The Jackstraw>Foolish Heart was unfortgettable. Bobby's guitar seemed reverberate up the hills during Foolish. Jerry looked and sounded soo good. This was the last time I saw him truly. This day was magical until the show was over. Trying to get out of that place was a serious hassle. Give this show a 5 for setlist and good sound
Reviewer: Browntown - - November 12, 2004
Subject: So good!
This was my third year @ Buckeye Lake. I loved the pine trees and the dewy grass. What a good second set! It was just so... good! I taped this show and for years afterwards I would get confused what year was what when I was listening to the tapes. 1993?!! So thorough and relaxed. Well played. Gotta love that Eyes.
Reviewer: Patty Falafal - - September 10, 2004
Subject: thumbs
fyi-masterpiece is in after tom in the tom thumb file
Reviewer: Gr8ful4theband - - September 2, 2004
Subject: What a time and place
This place was in the middle of nowhere.I remember naked hippies playin with the cows.You
had to go thru a cattle chute to get in the show.A stage and a farm house next to it.The most
memmorable Eyes you'll ever see live,they played it as the sun went down over rural
buckeye lake.To all those who made it,thankyou for an unforgettable time.

Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own.
Reviewer: alabama_getaway - - July 10, 2004
Subject: wow
Drove from Athens,GA to this field for my first BDay show, and by the beginning of sting's set the trees were yelling at me!
Beautiful show....Jack>Foolish opener!!!
Jerry sings a soulful Roads. But once the sun sets, the second set Eyes opener is simply ecstasy. Definately one of the top '93 shows.
Reviewer: FATMANROCKS - - June 26, 2004
Subject: So Many Roads!
All I have to say is So Many Roads!!!
Maybe the best live version of this song ever played. Jerry sings his heart out at the end of the song. Oh yeah the rest of this show is just as good. Luckily I was there to see it. Hope you were too. Either way, download this show. you will not be disappointed. Peace.
Reviewer: gadeadhead - - June 24, 2004
Subject: Corrina, Corrina
I had never been a fan of Corrina and I felt a sence of forboding when the first notes were played, but once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right! Corrina absolutely floored me at this show and carried me deep into the Drums > Space. It made me a fan of the song instead of a critic and made my next two years on tour a little happier. Thanks Guys
Reviewer: schwadust - - May 17, 2004
Subject: I'll second that emotion...
What a wonderful day, what a beautiful show. By far my favorite show of the year. I told my then girlfriend, now my wife, that I loved her for the first time during Brokedown Palace...she was in front of me, my arms around her rocking back and forth underneath the stars, and I sang into her ear..."I love you more than words can tell"...she looked back at me, and we both knew it was true.

As for the music, I recall Foolish Heart being as well executed as it was unexpected. Everything about every song felt right, the playing was tight, Jerry was having a great time, and he looked good. The Eyes was perfect, Playin' and Uncle John's were like lovers for the first time, and Corrina was a blast...Laura was floored by the jam out of it...D/S was energetic, and the show just flowed off of every note like it was playing in my sole from me to her...Wheel...Black Peter (see here how everything lead up to this day...), Sugar Mags...Brokedown...they were all mesmerizing, underlined, all T's crossed and I's dotted...beautiful. Can't wait to hear it again for the first time...
Reviewer: MichiganBob - - May 14, 2004
Subject: Best show of summer '93
This show is at least on par with the Cal Expo shows a couple weeks before and even better overall than the excellent Detroit shows just prior...the Jstraw into the rare at that time Foolish Heart opener sets the tone for an incredibly jammed out yet relaxed and fluid's one of those shows where Jerry can do no wrong and he knows it (and so do we!!!) The Eyes is the only one of the summer tour and is is the remainder of the holds together very well...the Brokedown was so sweet...Jerry gave a big wave goodbye before he walked off stage...Don't pass this show by....
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